The Organized Writer Toolkit

10 tools to increase your income, get better clients, and free up your time

Struggling to make ends meet as a freelancer?

Can't figure out how to set your rates in order to make a living wage?

Too busy writing to keep track of all your contacts, pitches and invoices?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then this bundle is for you.

These tools were designed by a former broke freelancer - yours truly. I used to struggle to make ends meet as a freelancer, and returned to a desk job more than once simply to pay the bills.

One of those jobs was as editor in chief of a business magazine, where I got to interview dozens of business people whose day-to-day mission was to create profitable, thriving businesses. They shared their methods with me, I applied them to my work, and voila! I have successfully replaced (and exceeded) my full-time marketing manager income.

These tools included in this toolkit allowed me to work smarter, not harder, helped me understand how much I was really earning, and simplified the pitching and invoicing processes.

In this kit, you'll receive:

  1. A color-coded Contact & Pitch Tracker that calculates your yes, no, maybe and total silence replies and gives you a percent total for each attempted contact or pitch.
  2. A Project Tracker & Hourly Rate Tracker that calculates the hourly rate you're really getting. (It's probably half of what you think)
  3. A Client Tracker that allows you to keep in touch, quickly find the right outlet, and get more regular work.
  4. An Invoice Tracker that keeps track of your earnings and outstanding invoices, as well as your hourly rates.
  5. An Invoice Template that can be easily updated and sent to clients.
  6. An Ideal Rate Calculator that calculates your ideal hourly rate based on how much you want to earn, how much you want to work, how much vacation time you want, how much retirement you need, and how much your taxes and costs will be.
  7. A Project Pricing Calculator to help you price other services and bundled projects.
  8. My Pitch Generator and pitch template, which will help you hone your pitches.
  9. A simple Social Media Planner to get your ideas organized and out into the world.
  10. BONUS: A List of Going Rates for various services.
  11. BONUS: A list of 200+ outlets and editors with email addresses - these may be out of date, but they are a great starting point. :)

All these trackers were created and coded in Microsoft Excel and can be imported to Google Drive.

This purchase includes all documents, as well as future documents and updates.

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Jennifer Thomé
Jennifer Thomé

Jennifer is a Mandarin Chinese and German translator who has been language hustling since before online dictionaries. Fancy that! And in her spare time? She spends time cooking, hanging out with her kids, and is working on a collection of children's books.

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